A fire rated opening is part of a building’s fire protection system that provides two distinct functions: reduce the spread of fire and enable safe egress from the building in the event of a fire. For an opening to qualify as fire rated, the door, jamb and hardware must be listed with an agency that is in compliance with NFPA Standards, building codes and any local ordinances (with the exception of kick plates mounted below 16” from the bottom of door).

Fire rated door hardware includes flush bolts, surface bolts, astragals, hinges, lock/exit devices, door closers, door coordinators, glass lites and door viewers. In addition, any add-on components including protection plates, edge guards, frame guards must be listed if they are to be used on a fire rated opening.


SMH offers a variety of fire rated hardware for use with fire rated openings including edge guards, door protection plates, edge guards, frame guards, manual flush bolts, automatic and self latching flush bolts, surface bolts, and door viewers.


SMH Fire Rated Products are tested, evaluated and listed by Intertek (WH-ETL) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The WH-ETL and UL Certification Mark is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers as an assurance that products meet regulatory requirements. It is a key differentiator for products within the architectural door hardware market. SMH Fire Rated Products are evaluated by Intertek and UL for compliance with the following standards: CAN4 S104 (1985), UL 10(b) (2008), NFPA 252 (2008), NFPA 252 (2012), CAN / ULC S104 (2015), UL 10(b) (R2015)


Intertek and UL are both independent testing organizations known as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and provide complete testing and certification services for a wide variety of products to verify that they meet certain safety requirements during use, or in the event of a fire or other circumstances.

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