Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its new 2020 Product Catalogue for commercial and architectural door hardware products in North America. The catalogue includes brand-new, high quality images for clear visuals as well as technical drawings with detailed specifications for our entire product line. The catalogue delves into the technical specifics of their new antimicrobial coating as well as a description of the different finishes offered on all products. Each section includes clear instructions on how to place custom and stock orders to make the ordering process seamless.

The catalogue utilizes a state-of-the-art digital publisher which allows the catalogue to be completely interactive. Users can jump to sections they are looking for at the click of a button. It is completely mobile friendly and can be saved and accessed anywhere once downloaded.

Key features of the e-reader:

The 2020 Product Catalogue has an interactive Table of Contents where the user can click on embedded links to jump easily to different sections. Each product also links to our brand-new Product Page on our website for more details.

Key Pages in our Catalogue:

  1. Interactive Table of Contents.

2. Details on our antimicrobial coating.

3. Instructions on how to place a custom order.

How to shop our catalogue:

Use our table of contents located on pages 6&7 to navigate through our categories. Once you find the category of product you are interested, click and the catalogue will flip to the associated page. Each product in the catalogue itself can also be clicked to take you to its website page where you can easily access downloadable spec sheets and to find more details about the product you are interested in. Once you know which product you need, choose details such as mounting style, finish and diameter.

Click here to download your copy today.

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