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Standard Metal Hardware is pleased to announce the release of our brand-new Product Page. On our website, we now have a completed product list split into comprehensive categories for easy navigation. Sift through our new product page on our website by clicking through the different product categories or by searching by name or keyword in our search bar. Each product is now accompanied by a detailed specification sheet as well as clear instructions on how to place custom and stock orders to make the ordering process seamless.

Key Features of Our New Products Page

1. Brand new renderings – Each product in our catalogue now has high-quality renderings.

2. Spec sheets – Each product on our webpage is accompanied by a spec sheet that includes detailed specifications such as featured finishes and exact measurements that will help you order the correct item.

3. Finishes chart – You can now view our compiled finishes chart that shows the wide array of finishes we offer on all our products.

Explore Our Product Categories

Door Pulls and Push Bars

Our standard door pulls and push bars create a classic yet functional look to any commercial door. 

Our door pulls are manufactured from 1” diameter solid bar and are available in straight, offset, or half-round options. We offer a variety of custom modifications including rosettes or the addition of a backplate. They can be mounted with a single through-bolt or in pairs back to back. Featured finishes include satin stainless, matte black, or antimicrobial.

Door Plates and Guards

Kick plates, push plates, corner guards and edge guards provide protection from scratches and dents while giving the surface a distinctive look.

All door plates and guards can be made to your required size but standard sized door plates are available for immediate shipment. The standard thickness is 0.050”, however, other gauges and thicknesses are available. A variety of materials and finishes are available including fire-rated material. Additionally, custom graving is available as well.

Door Stops

An extensive selection of floor stops, wall stops, baseboard stops, door holders, and other items that protect both commercial and residential doors from high traffic conditions.

Our stops and holders are durable and simple to install. They are available in most architectural finishes.

Grab Bars

We have an extensive selection of quality grab bars that help your bathroom look elegant while providing safety and support. 

Our grab bars are available in various sizes and two diameters (1.25” and 1.5”) for different building code requirements. Standard stock options include peening and concealed mounting. Custom sizes and finishes are available upon request.

Flush Pulls and Institutional Pulls

High-quality institutional pulls and pull plates from classic to contemporary styles, made for all pocket and sliding doors.  

Our pulls are available in multiple styles, sizes, and finishes. Hands-free door opening solutions such as arm-pulls and foot-pulls are available.

Flush Bolts, Surface Bolts and Roller Latches

A variety of industry-standard automatic and manual bolts and latches to fit any door needs.

We have multiple manual and automatic configurations available. They are easy to install and include hardware required.

How to shop our Products Page

Scroll through our website using the side bar to find the category of product you are looking for OR search for the product you are looking for in our search bar. Check out the details and our spec sheets to find more details about the product you are interested in. Once you know which product you need, choose details such as mounting style, finish and diameter.

If you need more help contact us either at 1-800-267-5442 or to order your piece today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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