During this past year, the world has been impacted immensely by the COVID-19 outbreak. Society continues to see changes in consumerism and business and has adapted to a new normal. These changes will be continued to be seen post-pandemic and include the way we approach commercial space design and architecture. Design principles that were previously exclusive to healthcare ( antimicrobial ) will now be more widely used. From offices to restaurants, the coronavirus is reshaping how architects design.

Antimicrobial Healthcare Design Principles Pre-COVID

These are a few key principles that are used when designing healthcare spaces:

  • Increased privacy
  • Patient proximity to equipment
  • Promotion of recovery
  • Access to natural light
  • Prophylactic surfaces

As we get back to work and business, designers are reevaluating office and commercial spaces. The importance of infection control using preventive measures should be a priority.

Moving Forward

After seeing firsthand how the pandemic has upended our lives, commercial space transformation is in order. The places in which we do business should allow for social distancing and other standards to make us feel safe to go back.

The commercial building design world will see more of the following as we move forward:

Collaboration with Science

We will be seeing more architects and designers working with doctors, scientists, infection control experts, engineers, and many others. Before going on the drawing board, health and safety will be greatly considered.

Physical Distancing as Priority

Open layouts, movable furniture, and more efficient HVAC systems, to name a few, will be the new norm. These are to give way to more personal spaces, a cleaner environment, and better ventilation as ways to preventing the spread of pathogens.

An Intense Focus on Furniture, Appliances, and Surfaces

Lightweight, easy to sanitize, and durable furniture, appliances, and surfaces are a must. Antimicrobial should be the operative word when we think about designing for future commercial spaces and buildings. 

Objects such as door handles, arms of chairs, and elevator buttons are some of the most touched and prone to infection spreading. More and more business establishments, designers, and architects are taking notice and rethinking their design. Antimicrobial surfaces and hardware that were once exclusively for hospitals and other healthcare facilities are now seeing a surge in use in all types of buildings such as commercial and residential.

Protecting high touch surfaces with an antimicrobial coating can interrupt cell multiplication and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Standard Metal’s Antimicrobial finish is safe, non-toxic and formulated to provide protection over an extended period of time. Antimicrobial coated hardware is ideal for high traffic or public use areas. Hardware options are available to fit any building use and design. Antimicrobial clear coating available on any Standard Metal door hardware product or design.

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