Whether designing a commercial office space, working on a hospitality or retail setting, or looking for a special hardware piece to compliment a custom home building project, choosing the right door hardware style and finish that compliments the space and adds that finishing touch is important to achieving the look you want and creating that “wow” factor for your client.

Below is Standard Metal’s list of the trending door hardware finishes for 2022.

1) Flat White

For years, black was the choice for modern contemporary finishes.  Although still popular, there is a growing trend toward Flat White. Flat White achieves a bright, crisp and fresh look and feel to any modern work environment. This finish is achieved using a powder coat technique that produces a highly durable finish suitable for commercial projects.

2) Split Finish

Split finish is a staple in the world of architectural door hardware. This popular option allows you to mix and match different colours, finishes and textures together. Applying different combinations to a single piece of door hardware can turn your hardware into a real accent piece that complements other materials and finishes within the space that you are designing.

Mirror Stainless / Satin Brushed

The mix of mirror stainless and satin brushed metal gives door hardware subtle elevation to a classic pull.

Mirror Stainless / Matte Black

Matte black and mirror stainless split finish is a durable more alternative to a rubber or leather door pull.

3) Dark Bronze

Dark bronze is a traditional artisanal finish that continues to gain in popularity and lends richness and character to any space. Dark bronze can be achieved in 3 ways: dark oxidized and oil rubbed satin bronze (10B), dark bronze powder coat (10BE) and dark bronze anodized (313AN). The different methods of achieving this finish look similar but have different traits and can be chosen based on the intended use of the hardware and desired budget.

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