Standard Metal Hardware is excited to announce its profile in Construction in Focus’ November issue. Construction in Focus is a North American publication that reaches over 112,700 builders, engineers, contractors, architects and land developers. The publication is released monthly as both an online magazine and a hard copy magazine.

The team at Standard Metal sat down with Construction in Focus last month to discuss our operations. Our team spoke candidly about how Standard Metal differentiates itself from competition by using innovative marketing strategies, strong leadership and clear core values. The article delves into Standard Metal’s new Product Catalogue and Webpage, its custom capabilities, its antimicrobial finish and the different ways in which the company stands out in a competitive industry.

 “We put a significant focus on the customer, first and foremost. Building a culture around service becomes a key element in how we market, manufacture and deliver our products to customers, a real differentiator compared to the larger multi-national companies that we compete against,” says Adam Bortolussi, President of Standard Metal Hardware.

This magazine feature was a testament to the organization, its people, and its leadership position in the commercial and architectural door hardware industry in North America.

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