Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its 2021 Product Catalogue for commercial and architectural door hardware products in North America. The catalogue includes high quality images for clear visuals as well as technical drawings with detailed specifications for our entire product line. The catalogue delves into the technical specifics of their fire rated offerings, their antimicrobial hardware, and their custom design capabilities.

Fantom Door Stop

Standard Metal Hardware has been appointed the Official Canadian distributor of Fantom Hardware. The Fantom Doorstop is a fully concealed magnetic doorstop that includes a hold-open function. The Fantom Doorstop system provides a high-quality innovative solution for all project application requirements, alleviating trip hazards whilst maintaining a modern desirable finished. The concealed rare-earth magnet technology ensures exceptional mechanical functionality.

Fire Rated Products

A Fire Rated Opening is part of a building’s fire protection system that provides two distinct functions: reduce the spread of fire and/or smoke and enable safe egress from the building in the event of a fire. Standard Metal offers a variety of Fire Rated Products for use with Fire Rated openings including but not limited to surface bolts, door protection plates, edge guards, and frame guards.

Custom Design

Standard Metal offers an easy three step process to creating a custom product. 1 – Imagine 2- Design 3- Build. The team at Standard Metal guide the process from idea conception to the end of the manufacturing process.

The catalogue utilizes a state-of-the-art digital publisher which allows the catalogue to be completely interactive. Users can jump to sections they are looking for at the click of a button. It is completely mobile friendly and can be saved and accessed anywhere once downloaded.

Additionally, we have updated our products pages on our website with new PDF Order Forms available to assist customers with ordering custom products. Click here.


How to shop our catalogue:

Use our table of contents located on pages 6&7 to navigate through our categories. Once you find the category of product you are interested, click and the catalogue will flip to the associated page. Check out the details and our spec sheets to find more details about the product you are interested in. Once you know which product you need, you can use our PDF Order Forms available on our website to assist with ordering a custom configured product.

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