Elevate your interior with Standard Metal’s Architectural Wood Door Pulls. Crafted from premium North American hardwoods such as Canadian Hard Maple, Hickory, White Oak, Red Oak, and Walnut. Customize your door hardware with various wood species for a unique touch.

Canadian Maple

Canadian Hard Maple, recognized for its toughness, boasts a light, pale hue with a fine texture and subtle grain. Ideal for door hardware, it adds a touch of elegance and durability to various applications.


Hickory features a varied color range, fine texture, and pronounced grain. This hardwood, prized for its durability, is often chosen for door hardware projects where a unique and resilient material is desired.

White Oak

White Oak is a robust hardwood, displaying a neutral palette ranging from light tan to brown, with a straight grain and tight pores, making it a durable and versatile choice for door hardware.

Red Oak

Red Oak, a hard and heavy wood with salmon and pink undertones, displays a straight grain and coarse texture. Known for its strength, it is a classic choice for various applications, providing both durability and a warm aesthetic.


Walnut, known for its deep and rich color, showcases a fine texture and the possibility of straight or curly grain. Valued for its elegant aesthetics, it is often chosen for high-end projects.

Our Products

A range of stains and finishes can be applied to any of the wood pulls. Custom stains can be requested, allowing you to match your space’s exact specifications. Stains range from natural to black. Finishes include a natural finish, protective finishing wax, satin polyurethane, and gloss polyurethane.

An assortment of standard styles are available. Our catalogue features wood pulls with flat or rounded ends, with or without metal caps. All available with our standard straight post or our offset “H” post. Custom length dimensions can be specified. Specify wood species, stain, and finish.

The D600 door pull features a solid hardwood pull with standard straight posts and flat ends. 

The D603 door pull features a solid hardwood pull with offset H-posts and round ends.

The D605 push bar features a solid hardwood bar with standard straight posts and round ends.

The D610 door pull features a solid hardwood grip with metal flat ends and standard posts.

The D613 door pull features a solid hardwood grip with metal round ends and offset H-posts.

The D614 push bar features a solid hardwood grip with metal flat ends and standard posts.

In addition to our selection of standard styles, Standard Metal also offers custom designs with North American hardwood. A recent custom project we completed features 60” red oak wood pulls with a matte espresso stain and champagne posts. Speak with our sales and design team to discuss your custom design needs.

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