Since 1989, Standard Metal Hardware has been a leading provider of quality builders hardware, specializing in commercial and custom architectural door pulls.  Our assortment of locking door pull products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and durability in mind.  This product can be custom configured to different lengths and finishes. The clean and modern appearance of the locking door pull makes it suitable for any commercial, retail or office interior and exterior building project. 

The locking door pull is available in multiple configurations including dead bolt up, dead bolt down or dead bolt full length to suit any building project and design.  Our simple design also makes for easy installation.

The locking door pull can be custom configured to any length or made to fit any locking system, including both manual and digital access control solutions.

Mounting for the locking door pull is a standard straight post mount that provides a streamlined look that is suitable for installation on any entrance door, whether glass, wood or metal.   

This product is available in multiple finishes including stainless steel and matte black.  Other custom finish options are available upon request.  

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Features & Benefits

  • Made to fit any required locking systems such as standard core, SFIC, and LFIC
  • Key-operated locking system from the outside of the door and thumb-turn operated locking system from inside the door 
  • Cylinder and thumb-turn is located at a comfortable height to eliminate physical strain when locking and unlocking the door system
  • Fully concealed deadbolt locking mechanism provides a clean and streamlined look to the door
  • Multiple locking pull options are available including deadbolt up, deadbolt down or full length
  • Available in custom lengths for a variety of applications that suit any building project
  • Suitable for all door types including glass, wood or metal doors
  • The single body design is ideal for quick and easy installation 
  • Ideal for retail, office or commercial settings

Popular Finishes

  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Matte Black
  • Custom Finishes Available Upon Request

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