The commercial hardware industry remains to be a progressive business as interior design trends continually change. But one trend that has been making its way into buildings everywhere is biophilic design. 

Biophilic interior design pertains to creating homes and establishments that aim to connect occupants to the natural environment. By integrating wood and other natural materials, occupants are more immersed in nature either directly or indirectly. 

Apart from the fact that wood is a visually appealing addition to interior design, recent studies show that wood also impacts human health and wellbeing. Read on to find out two significant benefits of wood in interior design.

Stimulates happiness

There is something about nature that instantly turns our mood around. Humans are so exposed to worldly materials every day — such as cars, buildings and technology. That said, taking a break from these things and spending time outdoors is a important.

According to National Geographic, humans are “wired to be outside.” Science simply puts it — nature makes people happy. And if we cannot be outside, adding natural elements such as wood is a good alternative to improve your health and wellbeing. Organic materials like timber in interior design undeniably convey feelings of comfort and energy. 

Reduces stress

Do you ever wonder why some people consider nature as their stress-reliever? Studies show there is a connection between the human’s autonomic nervous system and wood. Wood is extremely popular in hospital interiors as it reduces stress and raises spirits. Wood is known to provide stress-relieving effects that could lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Wood can also promote more stable mental health, in a similar way to exposing yourself to nature more often. Moreover, wood also contributes to a more calming feeling. When one touches a wood surface, they instantly feel cozier and warmer.

Overall, being surrounded by wood either in your homes or offices offers a healthier environment that enhances your state of wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Integrating wood in your homes and offices doesn’t have to be a colossal endeavor. By merely replacing synthetic materials with wood, your space could emanate a more inviting and comfortable environment. For instance, wood door pulls, wood door handles, wood window frames, and wood furniture are already a good start. Improve your health and wellbeing and ensure nature surrounds you — even when you’re indoors. 

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