Secure your glass doors in your office space with Standard Metal’s new Slim-Line Digital Patch Locks.

About the Slim-Line Digital Patch Locks

The Slim-Line design is sleek and modern compared to traditional mortise patch lock fittings currently seen in the market. Mortise patch lock fittings typically 5.5” wide where the Slim-Line Digital patch measures in at 3” wide. When combining the strike and lock side together to make a set, they have a total width of 6” and offer the same level of security as our wider original patch locks. These patch locks take up less visual real estate on the door, allowing the glass door to maintain its frameless look.


The patch locks are built to work with the Salto XS4 One Dead Latch European Electric Locking System. This innovative access system from Salto is a revolutionary stand-alone electric lock that is compatible with RFID, Bluetooth LE and NFC technologies. Lock set is not included with purchase.

Available Products

The patch locks come in a variety of finishes including a classic satin stainless steel, matte black powder coat, and satin brass.

SMPL313-XS4ONE-LS – Patch Fitting For Salto XS4 ONE – Lock Side

SMPL313-XS4ONE-SS – Patch Fitting For Salto XS4 ONE – Strike Side

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