Dark bronze is a traditional finish that continues to gain popularity. Its rich chocolate colour lends depth and character to any space. This popular finish is one of Standard Metal Hardware’s top 3 finishes for 2022.

Standard Metal Hardware offers 3 options to achieve a dark bronze finish depending on the intended use of the hardware, desired look, budget, and lead time.

1) Dark Oxidized and Oil Rubbed Bronze (10B)

10B is a unique and highly popular finish that involves submerging metal in a chemical solution to achieve oxidation. Base materials can vary between bronze or brass and will have a slightly different appearance depending on the amount of copper in the metal. Once oxidized, the finish is sealed with oil to prevent further oxidization and improve the luster.  10B is a “live finish” and will continue to change over time depending on use. It will also vary from one manufacturer to the next, and between hardware items as it is affected by varying manufacturing process and environmental factors.

2) Dark Bronze Anodized (313AN)

313AN is a dark earthy brown finish with a slight shimmer that won’t fade over time. The anodizing treatment offers a durable and decorative long-lasting finish that is a closely resembles 10B but with is noticeably unique colour tone and sheen. While anodizing is a chemical process, the achieved finish is not a “live finish” and will not change in appearance however it can differ in tone from one manufacturer to the next. As it is limited to aluminum as a base material, this finish may not be an option for every hardware item.

3) Dark Bronze Powder Coat (10BE)

Dark Bronze Powder Coat, also referred to as 10BE, is a close colour equivalent to 10B achieved through powder coating. By removing the chemical process, it does not age like 10B and will look consistent across all base materials. The powder coating process is less laborious than the chemical oxidation & oil rubbing process and may be applied to any base material.  This popular alternative to 10B is the most cost-effective option to achieve a dark bronze look while also offering a highly durable finish and faster production time.

Contact Standard Metal to learn more about their range of custom colour, finish and texture options available.

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