Standard Metal Hardware’s in-house laser engraving services have expanded to include door pulls, push bars and a unique laser reveal on powdercoat. By leveraging the latest technology, laser engraving is a low cost, high-quality alternative to traditional ink-fill engraving offering a faster turnaround, more detailed design and font options, and a modern architectural finish.

Standard Metal Hardware’s Laser Engraving Services

Stainless Steel Flat Sheet Etching:

Laser etching leaves a smooth marked finish on flat sheets of stainless steel. Common sizes of etched plates include 4.5” x 4.5”and 4.5” x 6” decorative plates as well as other standard push plate sizes. Common projects include company logos, male and female pictos, number plates and escutcheon plates

Laser Reveal on Powdercoat:

Laser engraving on a product that has been powdercoated reveals the metal surface beneath providing a unique look.

Laser Engraving on Straight Round Pulls:

Laser Engraving can be achieved on rounded pulls such as the D352 and 2000 series.

Benefits of Laser Etching

Laser Engraving is precise and allows for accurate, clean lines in highly detailed images. The etched product is durable and can be wiped and cleaned without damage and is highly corrosion resistant

Laser Engraving is performed in-house at Standard Metal Hardware’s facility in Toronto. This allows for faster turnaround times and reduced costs. Standard Metal Hardware will collaborate with the customer to ensure the customer’s vision comes to life.

Check out our laser engraver in action in the video below:

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