Standard Metal Hardware is a leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural door hardware products and solutions.

About Us Standard Metal Hardware

Since 1989, Standard Metal Hardware has worked closely with architects and designers to create the most intricate and visually appealing custom architectural door hardware in a variety of applications, styles and finishes to suit any building project.

Standard Metal Hardware supplies our network of distributors across North America with an extensive product line of commercial & designer door pulls, grab bars, kick plates, door guards, door stops, patch locks, latches, strikes, bolts and more.

Standard Metal Hardware operates out of our manufacturing and distribution facility in Toronto, Canada.

Our products have been used on thousands of projects such as hotels, airports, hospitals, schools, museums, office buildings and condominiums.

All of our products serve as an expression of our quality, innovation and craftsmanship.


Quality Materials

Our products are built with longevity in mind by combining the highest quality materials with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Custom Design

Turn an architect’s vision into reality by creating completely customizable and innovative products in a variety of styles, materials and finishes.

Expert Knowledge

Our experienced and knowledgeable resources will provide dedicated consulting services and technical design drawings for any sized project.

Service Delivery

It is our commitment to respond to requests promptly and deliver products on time to keep your business moving and customers satisfied.